a family tradition

JIMECO is a family tradition of bespoke elegant finishes, joinery and furniture that has been showcased in the finest interiors around the world since 1975. Working with the best interior designers and architects from the United States, Great Britain and Europe, JIMECO has crafted some of the most timeless pieces of furniture and decorative joinery, that have made JIMECO a true Atelier in the interior design world.

Our unique finishes are all handcrafted by a team of professional artists, each with over a half a century of experience and tradition, that have made them standard-bearers for some of the industry’s most groundbreaking craftsmanship.

Our tradition and benchmark standards are safeguarded by two generations as a family company, always looking towards the future, whilst never forgetting its roots.

TWO GENERATIONS: Fernando Jimenez and Luis Jimenez 

design and innovation

We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of innovation in bespoke craftsmanship, always creating new finishes, combinations and designs. Reinvention and innovation is an ethos that we pursue diligently. In this pursuit, we always try to convey the finest traits that are found in the immense diversity of the 16 countries where we have a presence.

This is also reflected in our diverse team, that speaks over 5 different languages and has design experience in Milan, Paris and Miami among others.



Antonia Caicedo (Design Director)

M.A. Interior Architecture - Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)


At JIMECO we believe we are the reflection of the people that work with us, and we approach this as a community. The founding family is not the only one within JIMECO, but there are several families within our team of artisans. Father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife working side by side can be seen from the CEO’s office to the factory floor at JIMECO. We make sure that our impact in our community is one that favors family. This is how we see our company and our community. The pillars from where our strength originates at JIMECO, rely on the unity of the families that work within it, the community it creates, and the positive impact this has beyond our doors. We believe this philosophy is fully reflected in each of our products.