bespoke and private labeling

At the core of our business is the capacity for bespoke and ‘one of a kind’ items. For this purpose we offer a wide range of over 200 finishes (metals, leaves, parchments, woods, horns etc.), not counting colors, combinations and sizes.

We work for our client’s unique needs and taste in order to bring their designs to life. We provide a full client-oriented service to ensure that our client’s satisfaction is always achieved. We work closely on a ‘one on one’ basis with our clients, providing real time updates, photography, and video from each bespoke project’s inception all the way to its completion.

Our bespoke services are not limited to individual design projects, but we also manufacture private labels for some of the most elegant and renowned Interior Designers and brands in the world.

For all of the above mentioned services, we believe respect for the intellectual property and privacy of our clients is paramount and indispensable, to ensure a prosperous long-term relationship with our clients based on trust.